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Graphic & web Designer

It’s pretty hard to describe myself – even harder when you need to be concise!

My name is Islam Abdelsalam, I’m working as Graphic & Web designer. I love my career and that passion has always motivated me to keep pushing my limits and to always be looking for more knowledge to improve myself.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned over my 14 years of experience was that “everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to teach”. This helps me to be more professional and respectful with my teammates, have more appreciation for teamwork and never put my ego before other people’s opinions.

I’m a self-taught artist – every skill that I have was developed studying by myself and from my extensive industry experience. I’m responsive, strong-minded, dedicated to my work and most important: I’m adaptive.

Learning new tools, pipelines, workflows or techniques was never a problem for me. Everything new to me I face as a new challenge, so when I learn something, I try to apply it to my work immediately, master it and evolve it.

One of the greatest achievements in my career is that I always avoid the “comfort zone”. Being good at something doesn’t mean that you can be satisfied with it. There’s always more that you can achieve, that you can improve… there’s always more that you can do to achieve a better result. For example, If you are satisfied with the quality, you can try to become faster.

Like I’ve said before, I’m passionate about what I do – and there is no way to keep a long face while you’re doing something enjoyable! So even with short deadlines and working under pressure, I always try to keep the good mood in everything I do. If you’re working with passion and joy, there’s no way to get bothered with what you’re doing.

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